Some Very Useful Tested And Proven Methods To Remove Tattoos

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Be sure and firm first of all

A tattoo is a type of thing to which everyone gets attached and attracted easily. Many of us get a tattoo to show some very strong emotions and feelings towards something very very special for us.  Some of us without knowing the future outcome get a permanent tattoo on the body parts which sometimes give us the opposite feeling to which we were getting once. And after sometimes a situation comes where we want to erase the tattoo from our specific part permanently.

Many of us think that once we get the permanent tattoo, it's all not so easy to remove it. But it today time it's not the case like this. Today most of the tattoos can be removed permanently from the body parts.

Now through the next few topics, we will get to know some amazing method to remove the tattoo just like never before.

Reasons for getting it removed

As many people are there so many the reason might be there for removing the tattoos. Some of the very common reason might be

The feeling for the person, for whom you got carved a beautiful tattoo on your skin is not the same.

Might be you got some health issues due to which your doctors suggested you take your tattoo off from the body.

Nowadays some private companies and the gov sector are having some special rules for not letting the tattooed person in the concerned sectors.

Many times get bored watching the same tattoo daily or we get influenced by some other person tattoos and want to have just that like tattoo at that place instead of the old one.

These were just a few of them. If we really keep wringing just all the main reasons only, we know well the list will never get finished even then.

A lot of people get the tattoo every day on their body parts. They think that it makes them look cool, stylish and attractive. Tough they are not wrong to think like this, there is a serious problem which people should think about. We should never go for the permanent tattoo unless we are 100 % sure in no case we will ever think to remove the tattoo in future. But in most of the cases, people do not think like this and get a permanent tattoo for the sake of keeping some temporary attachment.

So instead of going for a permanent tattoo, go for the temporary tattoo if you are not sure about the change of your feeling about the concerned people or things.

Methods you can go for the tattoo removal as per your case and need.

Below are mentioned some very useful methods which you can pick as per your need or the case.

Laser method

This is the method which we can use to get our tattoo removed easily. In this method, some gel is first applied to the tattoo area. Then after a strong beam of laser light is made to fall on the tattoo carefully. This laser light breaks down the larger pigment of colours used for making tattoo in very fine particles. Once the particles are fine enough to be absorbed by the cells of the body, they can easily absorb thrown away from the body through the waste materials.

Scrapping method

In this method of removing the tattoo, firstly the area of the tattoo is made numb with any suitable anaesthesia. After this, the tattoo area is cut off and then the remaining surrounding skin is stitched together. This method is mainly applicable to the small tattoo.

Grafting method

This method is useful when the area of the tattoo is larger than usual. In this case, the skin of the tattoo is covered with the skin obtained from the other body part. On the basis of the amount of removal of skin from the donor site, the grafting may be of two types.

Split thickness grafting

In this method full part of the skin is not removed. Instead only the epidermis layer and the dermis layer of the skin is scraped from the whole part of the skin.

Full-thickness grafting

As the name suggests in this grafting method, not just the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin but the whole skin including is utilised for the removal of the tattoo.

In both the methods the skin from the donor site skin is peeled off and then the same is patched on the tattoo area. In both cases, a lot of precaution is needed to be followed for successful tattoo removal. Strictly and carefully follow the instructions given by the dermatologist before and after the surgery so that you can get the result what you have for through the surgery.

Some other optional methods you may use

There are also many other ways through which you can get rid of your undesirable tattoos. These methods some natural ingredients present at home. Some of these methods include aloe vera, curd and honey which are considered to be good for the skin. But never ever try the fake promises of some fake videos or ads or produce sold be many unauthorized shops and sites. It may harm your skin in many ways. The best thing is to must consult a trusted dermatologist and then do the things according to the prescriptions given by him.


Above we have discussed some very effective and useful methods of removing the tattoos. These are the proven methods you can use in your case. And if you will really go stepwise in any of the above-mentioned methods, surely you will get you unwanted tattoo without any issue. Hope you will find it helpful in the search of what you were waiting for.

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