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  • Getting Started with Google Classroom

    This course is designed for teachers and staff that need to get an online classroom started with Google Classroom. This course covers the basics needed by beginners or teachers looking for a refresher course on Google Classroom. 4.0 CLUs will be awarded in GoSignMeUp when all activities and assignments are completed.

  • Understanding Phonics: Teaching Foundational Reading Skills

    This professional development course will introduce K-3 teachers to various evidence-based strategies and techniques for phonics instruction. These engaging and practical instructional strategies will support teaching the foundational skills in the Louisiana Student Standards. This course is designed for teachers of reading in the primary grades. For each module, participants will: • read professional articles or other selections • participate in a discussion board • complete assignments based on the module's course material A final project synthesizing and applying the course content will be due after the completion of the 4th module.


    All EBR teachers are invited to participate in this online professional community featuring classroom video.

  • Canvas: The Top Ten Basic Skills

    This course is made up of tutorial videos and PDF guides and is designed to provide a review of the fundamentals needed to create engaging and interactive courses using Canvas.

  • PreK Professional Development

    District Pre-K Teachers, Paraprofessionals and Elementary Principals are invited to this course to view forms, policies and procedures in the Early Childhood Department.

  • Eureka Institute

    K- 5th Grade Preparation and Customization, Model Lessons and Content Progressions of Eureka Math

  • Creating Text Dependent Questions in ELA

    This course is designed to provide support in writing text-dependent questions. It is a self-paced course worth 4 CLUs; participants will receive feedback on their submissions.

  • Chromebooks: Managing Your On-Site Inventory

    Managing Your Chromebook Inventory

  • Make time for STEM

    These resources will help teachers to demonstrate understanding of STEM components. Articulate and employ instructional strategies and tools through the Engineering Design process. Expose participants to basic robotics, coding, programming, as well as district and regional competitions. Provide resources and tools to support math and science curricula through STEM infusion. Learn from the expertise of teachers and leaders in the district who will inspire other teachers to provide more STEM opportunities for their students.

  • Strengthening Comprehension Through Conversation

    This 10 CLU self-paced professional development course will introduce teachers to various evidence-based strategies and techniques for improving comprehension through classroom conversation. These engaging and practical instructional strategies will support teaching the Louisiana Student Standards. During this course, participants will: *Develop an understanding of the power of purposeful talk *Discover strategies to foster classrooms that promote students to read, think, and talk about their thinking *Create a plan of action that will support students to become self-sustaining, purposefully literate students that question, build on the thinking of others, pursue more information, and listen to other points of view